About Artiste Connect

Because artists are awesome.

What is Artiste Connect?

Artiste Connect is a funding platform for talented local artists to support them on their struggle to finance the production of their projects.

Our aim is to connect the artist with their fans in a non-traditional manner: by raising funds for producing the artist’s project. It encourages the more sophisticated fan base to become potential investors, translating their passion for the arts into something that can yield profit.

Artiste Connect is not just about project productions. It’s about bridging the gap between the artist and the fan, as well as the artist and the businessman. Our goal is to connect and support both the artist and the fan, so the art lives on.

Juan with a Computer and an Internet connection, listening to a song in the radio:
"Hmn. I really like The Jerks, and I wish they could make another album. What to do? I'll create a fundraiser"
Fan of PinoyTalentShow 4thPlacer:
"I think this guy has talent! He should record an album. I'll create a fundraiser."

From these two examples, you can see the average fan get an idea to have his or her favorite local artist or potential artist create something. He or she goes to ArtisteConnect and does some sort of initiative to make this happen for the artist, thereby bridging the gap between the artist and the fan.

Who can sign up and create a project?

Anyone with a working email address can sign up and create a project. You can opt to sign up and sign in via Facebook, which makes things a lot easier.

How does it Work?

You create a project you think have the potential to be turned into a great album / movie / etc. Invite fans to support your project by giving their pledge (more or less like the liking system of Facebook) and once you have garnered enough pledges, your project can be given the opportunity to be funded, thus bringing your project close to reality.

To get your project funded, you should get support from fans (yours, or if you’re doing the project for the artist, then the artist’s fans) and have them pledge a certain amount of money. Once you reach the number of pledges required, ArtisteConnect will strike a deal with you, the Project Owner, and we will see where your project goes.

You can show support by pledging a certain amount, depending on the details of a project you wish to see come to life.