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Hi, I'm Kevin Dayrit and I'm about to make my first full length film "Catnip" under Cinema One Originals 2012 starring Lauren Young, Maxene Magalona, and Rommel Luna. :) Here are the teasers: I'm quite new to the industry but you've probably watched some of my works on TV especially if you have insomnia. ;)

Kevin Dayrit: Krusada Demo Reel from Kevin Dayrit|knive.dytria on Vimeo.

I also direct music videos whenever I get the chance

Circa - "Huling Pag-ibig (Last Love)" Official Music Video from Kevin Dayrit|knive.dytria on Vimeo.

but what I really love to do is make films. In our film "Catnip", I'm blessed with a very amazing crew who volunteered to do "corporal works of mercy" (charity rate / TY instead of TF) so I can focus all the resources on making our film better but things are looking a little tight on the post production budget and we need your help and I humbly ask for it. I also want to give my awesome crew and all the people behind the film something special in return, and of course, to you! Rakenrol! \m/

Project Description



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Executive Producer: Ronald Arguelles

Producers: roggerbasco, Lauren Young, Maxene Magalona
Creative Consultant: Ricky Lee
Director: Kevin Dayrit
2nd Unit Directors: Lauren Young, Maxene Magalona
Assistant Director: Jet Leyco, roggerbasco
Screenplay: Kevin Dayrit
Director of Photography: John Marvi de Guzman, Neil Derrick Bion, Kevin Dayrit
2nd Unit Director of Photography: Lauren Young, Maxene Magalona
Production Designer: Rabu Barroco
Art Director: Rabu Barroco
Editor: Kevin Dayrit
Colorist: John Marvi de Guzman
Line Producer: Niq Ablao
Production Manager: Justin Santos
Music: Join the Club, Circa, Rugis, Ashri, ERH, Kadie Cayabyab, Elise Loeb




Raised of ₱100,000.00 Goal

40% completed




This project is now completed! Thanks for all the backers who made this project a reality!